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Iaido and Kobudo Dojo in North London

March 7th, 2011 1 comment

Traditional Japanese martial arts in North London


Training in Suwa

Training in Suwa

Iaido is the art of drawing and cutting with the Japanese sword. In North London Budo Seitei Iaido, toho, and Musoshindenryu are taught in a traditional, safe and enjoyable manner. Musoshindenryu includes Omoriryu, Hasagawa Eishinryu, Okuden(Tachiwaza and Suwariwaza), and Tachi uchi no kurai. Classes are small with the emphasis being on personal tuition, rather than being at the back of a large class-as is often the case.

Classes are open to people of all levels and include basics, kata, and application. Specialist classes are also taught which cover areas like tameshigiri-cutting practice. Iaido is, by its nature, more inward looking and less bashing than kobudo! You need no equipment to join in a lesson, and you are welcome to come down and watch prior to joining in!



Kobudo Training

Kobudo Training

Traditional Kobudo is also taught at North London Budo. Kobudo covers the  ‘peasant’ weapons of Okinawa. These initially include the nunchaku (rice flails), bo (staff), and sai (pronged daggers). Students progress to using Tonfa and kamma as well. Classes are traditional, concentrating on kihon (basics), kata (sequences), and sparring drills.

There is no free sparring, competition, or foam ‘chucks’ in these classes. For those who like the traditional weapons training, but are drawn more to the contact side of weapons training-kobudo will be the one for you.

As with the Iaido, you are welcome to come down to watch, or to try a lesson.


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